El Parque Nacional Canaima se encuentra ubicado en el estado Bolívar de la República de Venezuela, es una de las bellezas naturales venezolanas más importantes e imponentes del mundo. Allí se encuentra una gran cantidad de ríos, cascadas, quebradas, valles, selvas y muchos misterios por descubrir, un lugar rico en especies endémicas y lugares inexplorados.

  • Tiene una extensión de 30.000 km2 y es el sexto parque nacional más grande del mundo y el tercer parque nacional más grande de Venezuela.
  • El parque nacional está lleno tepuyes, las formaciones geológicas más antiguas de la Tierra cuando América y África formaban un supercontinente, pues se formaron en el periodo precámbrico.
  • Alberga el salto Ángel, la caída de agua más alta del mundo.
  • Al ser un medio biológico único en el mundo, es uno de los lugares con gran cantidad de especies endémicas tanto de flora como de fauna.
  • Pese al color pardo de las cuencas hidrográficas dado…

Ascent to Mount Roraima is a short documentary film made by the filmmaker Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva hand in hand with the non-governmental organization fundasitio to publicize more about the ascent to this natural monument known as “the oldest rocks on the planet” or “the lost world” in addition to exposing problems in the area such as the Orinoco mining arc, the reduction in tourist visits that has affected the Pemón indigenous community and the ecological impact caused by invasive species due to the mismanagement of human waste.

You can see the full documentary in the following link:


Photo essay for an audiovisual production

Dedicated to my son David Alejandro, my wife Axelis Castillo, my mother Agueda Leiva and my sister Karen Varela Leiva.

Video: https://youtu.be/sg2c7D-V_K4

It’s almost 3 and a half hours sailing by speedboat from the Higuerote coast … on a yacht it can be a 5 to 6 hour cruise sailing in the Caribbean Sea.

A journey of pure marine horizon and the odd seagull difficult to photograph with a telephoto lens.

The landscape and the vastness of the Caribbean Sea makes you feel tiny… The journey invites reflection.

La Tortuga Island is a group of paradisiacal islands of Venezuela, included…

Foto de dominio público

Investigación para un cortometraje a ser dirigido por Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva (AlexCocoPro).

Su nombre era Joan Pujol García y usaba el seudónimo de “Garbo”, un espía destacado por ser un doble agente que se ganó la confianza de los Nazis y los convenció de que el famoso e histórico Desembarco de Normandía no se iba a realizar en ese lugar sino por Caláis, haciendo creer que Normandía era solo un señuelo. El engaño de Juan Pujol trajo como consecuencia la decisión de Adolf Hitler de asignar más armamento y recursos en la protección de Caláis. …

According to Jimmy Wales, he is working on a new social network and declared the following: “My idea is to transfer Wikipedia principles to a social network”.

Traslation from https://steemit.com/spanish/@alexcocopro/wikipedia-lanzara-su-propia-red-social-y-competira-contra-facebook and made by Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva or AlexCocoPro

In view of the controversies caused by the sale of advertising and the violation of the privacy of users in different social networks, the founder of the free virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has announced that he will break this scheme with a network social that will not be based on the sale of advertising during the Digital X fair held…

She is Luiseth Materán, a beautiful model, worthy representative of Venezuelan beauty, who participates in the Miss Globe international competition.

Sourse: https://steemit.com/photography/@alexcocopro/photo-session-of-the-venezuelan-model-who-competes-in-the-miss-globe-international

I share with you a small selection of the photo shoot I did in La Guaira state Vargas. All rights reserved to Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva know like AlexCocoPro (My person) http://www.alexcocopro.com

The model lives in Venezuela in a humble town on the coast of the Vargas state called Naiguatá.

Mount Kukenan is considered the mountain of death by the Pemón indigenous ethnicity, native to the Canaima National Park located in Venezuela. It is known as the mountain of the dead because many years ago some indigenous people climbed to the top and then jump over the cliff, in turn represents the duality of good and evil, because it is located in front of Mount Roraima (Roraima Tepuy), known as the mother of all waters and the trunk of the tree of life (See article on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuken%C3%A1n-tepui).

Photographs by Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva — AlexCocoPro, my person. I hope…

I share some photographs that I took on my exploration #journey.

Sourse: https://steemit.com/travel/@alexcocopro/extreme-adventure-trip-exploring-and-ascending-waterfall-photos

Lowering the flow of the spring that we get when we enter one of the mountains of San Antonio de los Altos in #Venezuela, we get a waterfall about 20 meters high.

We decided to deploy our equipment to make a descent with rappelling techniques (It is commonly called #canyoning when performing in mountains) and explore where the river ends.

The surprise was that the river ends in a large dam known as the butterfly dam, however, we were in a crevice whose only sure way to…

Translated from my article in spanish!

Although the economic and social crisis has damaged Venezuela’s perception, it is a fact that before the Socialist Government Venezuela was a tropical paradise and continues to be a Caribbean country full of beautiful landscapes, with different climates and ecosystems, accompanied by forests, mountains, rivers and beaches that offer a number of unimaginable possibilities for the enjoyment of these favorable conditions for adventure tourism and extreme sports.

I share a video of the Vibra Extrema project: https://youtu.be/_1XXlFaq-zs

The videos are my authorship: Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva — AlexCocoPro

There are many activities we can do in Venezuela where our skills may be at the…

About extreme sports, travel, photography and filmmaking. I share with you an interview that I got a year ago (2018), where I answer some questions about myself and what I do.

Interviewer: José Alejandro

Source: https://steemit.com/travel/@alexcocopro/alex-jesus-cabello-leiva-why-do-they-call-me-alexcocopro

What is your biggest passion?

I would put it in the singular because there are several things that I am passionate about with the same level of importance, such as photography, audiovisual production, adventure tourism and extreme sports.

Why the alias CocoPro?

In my high school time I stood out for having good grades and they said it was a coconut, but I think…

Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva — AlexCocoPro

#VibraExtrema Más que una experiencia sensorial! Project manager, fotógrafo, filmmaker y deportista extremo

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