Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva: why do they call me AlexCocoPro

About extreme sports, travel, photography and filmmaking. I share with you an interview that I got a year ago (2018), where I answer some questions about myself and what I do.

Interviewer: José Alejandro


What is your biggest passion?

I would put it in the singular because there are several things that I am passionate about with the same level of importance, such as photography, audiovisual production, adventure tourism and extreme sports.

Why the alias CocoPro?

In my high school time I stood out for having good grades and they said it was a coconut, but I think the alias was accentuated in an opportunity that I went with several friends to the beach and they saw me running waves, then they wanted to drink coconut water, they went to buy coconuts but I objected indicating that they could take it from the palm trees, as none dared to lower them, I mounted a palm tree to lower them. From that moment they started spreading the word that he was extreme, that he was a pro. They called me “coco pro” until there came a time that many people knew me only as “coco”, which motivated me to use AlexCocoPro as an alias in everything I did, especially because it was a nickname that motivated me despite who initially tried to make him burlesque.

What has been the biggest challenge of your life?

There is no greater challenge than being a father, an emotionally extreme experience that teaches and comforts.

What has been the best experience on an excursion?

A trip I made to Los Roques to make a video of extreme sports, which was an incredible experience because of the talents we recorded, the weather conditions, the connection with nature and especially because there was a lot of fun. As a Venezuelan photographer I felt blessed by the images I could make in the archipelago, in addition to the experience of seeing turtles and many species when recording from the water using snorkel, being able to practice the sports that I like and sharing a drink Venezuelan rum in The most beautiful sunset on the planet.

How do you complement social leadership, marketing, and extreme sports?

In social leadership and marketing, risk must be analyzed and managed. Extreme sports are based on risk, so when certain situations arise, my mind associates it with fun and growth.

How do you contribute to a better society?

I like to document good actions, because communicating them can have a mirror effect and a multiplier effect. I like to be an adventure promoter because in each one of them, people find themselves, helping to get to know each other more to face the challenges that life puts us. When I get a person with fear of heights to do canyoning or rappelling, I know it will help that person be more integral, that his fears not paralyze him.

What are the plans for 2019?

To have a program of extreme sports and adventure tourism. Document activities with great tourism potential in Venezuela such as the descent of Angel Falls.

What do you think of the Sustainable Development Goals?

Matter in the universe is infinite, there is abundance for everyone, as long as we don’t contaminate it and the ego, greed and stupidity don’t get in the way.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start in the sport?

The most important thing in sport is not in the physical condition, but what is in the mind, so I always start recommending that they learn to breathe well so that the brain is oxygenated and the vital energy flows through each cell of the body. I recommend to enjoy what you are going to do, to work the discipline and the attention, as I said before, first the mental thing.

What inspires you?

My son, my wife, my family and the satisfaction of doing things that many people thought he was not able to achieve, not only in me, also seeing him in other people inspires and motivates me a lot.

What definition would you give of leadership?

There is no greater influence than the example.

How do you associate it with extreme sport?

In extreme sports you have to be your own leader.

Do you consider yourself a leader?

We are all leaders at some level and in some area.

What characteristics would you describe of a leader?

Synergistic and empathetic

What do you think about young leadership?

In youth there is more rebellion, energy and creativity, if you start early, you can train gaining experience.

How do you project in 5 years?

That the experiences that I generate, whether in rappelling workshops, adventures, challenges, documentaries, photographs and videos, have a greater reach.

Call to reflection

Do not act from the ego, greed and stupidity. The ego, what you think you are and makes you feel above others. Greed, what you think you deserve without doing the right causes to have it. Stupidity, what you think is good and has no positive changes in the environment and people.

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