Ascent to the Roraima tepui, a documentary film about the oldest natural monument on the planet under ecological danger

Ascent to Mount Roraima is a short documentary film made by the filmmaker Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva hand in hand with the non-governmental organization fundasitio to publicize more about the ascent to this natural monument known as “the oldest rocks on the planet” or “the lost world” in addition to exposing problems in the area such as the Orinoco mining arc, the reduction in tourist visits that has affected the Pemón indigenous community and the ecological impact caused by invasive species due to the mismanagement of human waste.

You can see the full documentary in the following link:

In Roraima, one of the most important backpacking routes in Latin America is made with an invaluable ecological wealth that is in danger from human activity such as mining and tourism without ecological awareness

The Roraima tepuy natural monument which is located in Venezuela in the Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana, a mountain that has served as inspiration for films such as the animated film “Up” and “Avatar”. .

Brief information offered by the documentary:

Where is Roraima
How is the trekking route to Roraima
How is the ascent.
The decrease in tourist activity in Canaima and the mining arch
Tourist importance of roraima in the Pemon indigenous community
Difficulty of the ascent to Roraima
Roraima tepui climate
Endemic species of Roraima
The Roraima frog
The Kukenan tepui
Negative impact of ecologically unconscious tourist activity
Sustainable ecological tourism