Extreme adventure trip: exploring and ascending waterfall (photos)

I share some photographs that I took on my exploration #journey.

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Lowering the flow of the spring that we get when we enter one of the mountains of San Antonio de los Altos in #Venezuela, we get a waterfall about 20 meters high.

We decided to deploy our equipment to make a descent with rappelling techniques (It is commonly called #canyoning when performing in mountains) and explore where the river ends.

The surprise was that the river ends in a large dam known as the butterfly dam, however, we were in a crevice whose only sure way to get out on the road was to ascend the waterfall again.

The photographs are my own, taken with a gopro camera.

For this type of travel it is very important to be prepared for any type of situation to be present and to be accompanied so that in case of an emergency, the other person can seek help or at least provide first aid.

We carry fixed rope ascents, called yumar, to ascend through the same waterfall, experience that we enjoyed quite doing honor to what we were going to do, because we left with intentions to have an adventure route and we got it, full of adrenaline and with good height.

In the google maps map I show the area where we were where you can see the topography of the area and it is also notorious that the greta through which we descend and ascend or the spring that we travel, is not on the map.

Compartida por Angel Velazquez en Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/dTsVubq7PMQipaT66

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