Extreme sports and adventure to the fullest: Extreme sports you can practice in Venezuela

Translated from my article in spanish!

Although the economic and social crisis has damaged Venezuela’s perception, it is a fact that before the Socialist Government Venezuela was a tropical paradise and continues to be a Caribbean country full of beautiful landscapes, with different climates and ecosystems, accompanied by forests, mountains, rivers and beaches that offer a number of unimaginable possibilities for the enjoyment of these favorable conditions for adventure tourism and extreme sports.

I share a video of the Vibra Extrema project: https://youtu.be/_1XXlFaq-zs

The videos are my authorship: Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva — AlexCocoPro

There are many activities we can do in Venezuela where our skills may be at the limit, assuming the responsibility and risks involved in adventure tourism or extreme sports.

Performing outdoor activities and sports activities is very beneficial for health, not only physically, because it also involves the mind and spirit. All sports discipline is loaded with constancy, physical and mental effort however, the practice of extreme sports requires additional preparation that in my opinion, has to do with attitude. It is not to mention that we must ensure good nutrition and exercise physical skills.


I always recommend that extreme sports and adventure tourism not be done alone; It is preferable to be accompanied by an expert or someone with previous experience to avoid accidents, because we must never forget the risk inherent in these activities. Venezuela offers places where people can live incredible experiences, with extraordinary enjoyment full of adrenaline and new experiences, worthy of being remembered and told to anyone, of any age, condition or culture, causing emotions and interest.


I make a list of extreme sports that you can practice in Venezuela:

  • Hiking (There are plenty of mountains and landscapes)

#VibraExtrema Más que una experiencia sensorial! Project manager, fotógrafo, filmmaker y deportista extremo

#VibraExtrema Más que una experiencia sensorial! Project manager, fotógrafo, filmmaker y deportista extremo