Landscape photographs of Mount Kukenan, Death Mountain in Canaima Venezuela

Mount Kukenan is considered the mountain of death by the Pemón indigenous ethnicity, native to the Canaima National Park located in Venezuela. It is known as the mountain of the dead because many years ago some indigenous people climbed to the top and then jump over the cliff, in turn represents the duality of good and evil, because it is located in front of Mount Roraima (Roraima Tepuy), known as the mother of all waters and the trunk of the tree of life (See article on wikipedia:

Photographs by Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva — AlexCocoPro, my person. I hope you enjoy them, I have declared them as Creative Commons, so that it is in the public domain repeating my mention as author of it.

I share three photographs I took during one of the climbing routes to Mount Roraima.

The natural monument can be seen on the main road of the Gran Sabana, however, the photographs were taken closer making the route to Roraima. The route to Roraima is visited by people from all over the world, known as one of the most spectacular trekking and adventure tourism routes in Venezuela. Although Mount Roraima is the most emblematic and accessible mountain, I consider that the view of Mount Kukenan is more imposing and attractive, especially since in the Kukenan there is the tenth highest waterfall in the planet. The first is Angel Falls located in the Auyantepui, being a place of more difficult access and more expensive. The kukenan mountain is more difficult to climb than the Roraima and to make that route requires climbing equipment and authorization from local authorities.

In this photograph taken from the top of Mount Roraima you can see the well-known Kukenan Waterfall whose flow is small due to the fact that the photograph was taken in dry seasons.

On the left, Mount Kukenan and on the right, Mount Roraima.

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