Wikipedia will launch its own social network and compete against Facebook

According to Jimmy Wales, he is working on a new social network and declared the following: “My idea is to transfer Wikipedia principles to a social network”.

Traslation from and made by Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva or AlexCocoPro

In view of the controversies caused by the sale of advertising and the violation of the privacy of users in different social networks, the founder of the free virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has announced that he will break this scheme with a network social that will not be based on the sale of advertising during the Digital X fair held in Cologne (Germany).

The new social network will be called WT: Social, which will be funded through donations from institutions and their users stating: “Goodbye, Facebook, it’s time for something new”.

Wales’ statement seemed to many people challenging, in turn that created high expectations about WT:Social, since if it will be based on how wikipedia operates, it will be a collaborative platform where all users can edit the content. Wales said the social network is in development and has not given many more details.

Among the approach of the founder of Wikipedia this new social network there will be no place for disinformation or practices that threaten privacy. Precisely those have been the main criticisms that Facebook has received as a platform.

Jimmy Wales said that “As social networks grew, they also amplified the voices of bad actors around the world”.

The creation of this new social network is very timely when taking into account the accusations of governments, media, legislators and users towards the most popular social networks in the world such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the commercialization of data, advertising and some violations of privacy.

According to the BBC publication (, in February 2019 the European Parliament issued a report referring to Facebook as a “digital gangster” , which violates the laws “in a conscious and deliberate manner” because it is more interested in generating income than in data security.

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In turn, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder and Instagram owner) has been strongly criticized for not doing enough to combat the circulation of fake news. For this reason WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, was forced to take action after sending false news channels that caused lynchings in places like India, Mexico or Colombia.

An important part of the accusations have been directed to Twitter for refusing to eliminate messages that according to some users incite hatred and violence, a situation that has generated controversies. It has also been stated that* social networks have influenced political results through the manipulation of public opinion using algorithms to position or rival information*.

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Wales also stated that “Fake news has influenced world events”, and denounces that “algorithms only care about keeping people addicted to platforms without content”.

#VibraExtrema Más que una experiencia sensorial! Project manager, fotógrafo, filmmaker y deportista extremo

#VibraExtrema Más que una experiencia sensorial! Project manager, fotógrafo, filmmaker y deportista extremo